Meeting Programs 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018 - “The Hidden Fishes of Michigan”
7:00 PM, Sterling Heights Nature Center, 42700 Utica Rd, Sterling Heights. (click here for map)

Presented by: Bob Muller

During January’s meeting, Bob Muller will talk about our local fish community, especially those species that have found their way into Michigan through a Lake Erie connection. There are about 15 species found only in southeast Michigan in the Lake Erie watershed. Most of the public is only familiar with game fish, as that is what they see out of the water. Our small native fishes are almost completely unknown, even to people with a strong interest in nature. We’ll learn about these fishes, and Bob will also comment on research on the invasive Round Goby, as well as share surprise research findings on gobies between the Rouge and Clinton Rivers.

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Monday, February 5, 2018 - “Walking in the Footsteps of Birding Giants”
7:00 PM
, Sterling Heights Nature Center, 42700 Utica Rd, Sterling Heights. (click here for map)

Presented by: Tom Hince

There will be much celebration among birders on May 29th, 2018, for this date will mark exactly one hundred years since Point Pelee became a National Park. Situated in Canada, Pelee is one of the continent's greatest birding meccas. Long before fancy apps, technical field clothes and cutting-edge field guides, birders like Percy Taverner and William Saunders painstakingly documented the spectacle of migration here on Lake Erie's north shore. Without their vision, passion and determination, what is now a national park would likely be wall-to-wall cottages with zero public access. Join Tom Hince as he walks us through the footsteps of these birders who have paved the way for many others over the last century.

About Tom Hince: For over fifty years, Point Pelee has played a pivotal role in Tom's life. At the age of ten, he first read of the magical migration there. He made his first visit to the park at the age of thirteen, and has birded Pelee for forty-four of the past forty-five years. Tom has filmed around the globe for Discovery Channel, and guided over a hundred tours on four continents, but always returns to Pelee each year to enjoy the spectacular songbird migration.

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