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Field Trip Reports

Stony Creek Metro Park - Leader: Ruth Glass
March 14, 2013

10 dedicated volunteers from the Macomb Audubon Society gathered in the Nature Study Area of Stony Creek Metropark to remove invasive Autumn Olive bushes that were encroaching on several of the bluebird boxes that had been placed and monitored for decades by late co-founder Jim Stevens. We cleaned out the boxes as well, and as suspected, many were full of wren nests, because of all the nearby invasive growth. We were happy to discover a few bluebird nests, however, and hope there will be several more this year, due to these clearing efforts. If you are interested in volunteering to clear brush on a future volunteer work day, please contact Ruth Glass at
Report from Ruth Glass and Photos from Henry Fleming

Stony Creek MetroparkStony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek MetroparkStony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek MetroparkStony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek Metro Park - Leader: Ruth Glass
January 5, 2013

Seventeen hardy birders, including our leader Ruth Glass, participated in a Macomb Audubon Society field trip at Stony Creek Metropark on January 5, 2013. We checked out the swans and ducks on the lake, walked part of the Inwood Trail, then watched the feeders at the Nature Center. Here are some photos of the group on the trail and by a shelter in the woods.
Report and Photos from Barb Baldinger

Stony Creek MetroparkStony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek MetroparkStony Creek Metropark


Autumn's Rainbow new 10/2/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

Feeling Fall new 10/2/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

The Traveler new 8/7/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

Peregrine, ("Wanderer") new 6/20/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

Sweet Songs of Spring new 6/7/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

These Tiny Buds new 6/2/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

Weeping Willow new 5/20/2004
Poetry from Judy Yerkey

Eaglet's Lullaby new 8/17/2003
Some more avian poetry from Judy Yerkey

Owls' Queries new 7/9/2003
Avian poetry from Judy Yerkey

Stories and Reports

Bird-a-Thoners Nail 130 Species for the Wildlife Recovery Assn., by Mike Mencotti. new 5/24/2008

Board Meeting Highlights, June 2nd, 2007, submitted by Laura Barbour, Macomb Audubon Recording Secretary. updated 6/17/2007

Board Meeting Highlights, March 10th, 2007, submitted by Laura Barbour, Macomb Audubon Recording Secretary. updated 4/20/2007

Board Meeting Highlights, January 20th, 2007, submitted by Laura Barbour, Macomb Audubon Recording Secretary. updated 1/20/2007

Macomb Audubon 2006 Christmas Bird Count Results, from Barb Baldinger and Tom Heatley. updated 1/20/2007

Harley the Nighthawk, by John LaFalce. new 10/26/2006

Macomb Audubon 2005 Christmas Bird Count Results, from Tom Heatley and Barb Baldinger. new 1/21/2006

Macomb Audubon 2004 Christmas Bird Count Results, from Tom Heatley and Barb Baldinger. new 2/2/2005

Metro Beach Metropark Spring 2004 Bird Banding Report, by Allen Chartier (Permit #23156). new 8/16/2004
Allen Chartier has shared his spring bird banding report with us. An abridged version of this article will be appearing in the September/October Earthstar.

Birds Better Heard than Seen on Pt. Huron SGA Field Trip, by Mike Mencotti. new 6/9/2004
The field trip to the Port Huron State Game Area was wonderful, though some of the best birds were heard, not seen.

Bird-a-thoners Hit 176 Species For The Wildlife Recovery Association., by Mike Mencotti. new 6/2/2004

Crane Creek: Where Time -- and the Birds -- Stand Still, by Mike Mencotti. new 5/17/2004
Mike has contributed a short article on our wonderful trip to Crane Creek on May 1'st. If you skipped it due to the threat of rain you missed a wonderful day of birding.

Photos & Other Artwork

Joy Barron has shared a pair of photos from the March 27th Field Trip to Kensington Metropark. New 4/4/2010.

Sand Hill Cranes at Kensington Metropark

Pileated Woodpecker at Kensington Metropark

Here are a few photos of a juvenile Golden Eagle Margaret & I saw while doing the Lapeer Christmas Bird Count, January 2md, 2010. new 1/2/2010.

Bill and Betty Lou Clark have shared photos of some of their back yard birds. They grow them pretty big in the Clarks' yard. new 12/6/2008.

We had a little visitor in our garage the night before Thanksgiving. new 11/27/2008.

Ralph and Trudy Gregory have sent some photos of a pair of hawks perched at their farm. Have a look.

We have photos from Rick Campbell's birthday party on January 26th, 2008. Take a look and cycle through the pages. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Happy Birthday Rick!

Tree Planting Ceremony at Sterling Heights Nature Center

Above is a photo from the tree planting ceremony at the Sterling Heights Nature Center on September 10th, 2007. The Serviceberry tree was planted to honor all those Macomb Audubon members who have passed away over the years. The ceremony took place prior to the annual September bonfire. Thanks go to Wojo's Nursery for donating the lovely Amelanchier Laevis tree.

Brian Hicks has shared this photo of the Red-Throated Loon taken at Metro Beach in early March 30th. Brian also mentioned that his web site at has more photos and bird sitings from the Madison Heights Nature Center at Friendship Woods. new 4/11/2007

Photos from the 2006 Macomb Audubon Fall Campout at The Pinery. It's entirely possible that this may have been our last campout at The Pinery, as the Meeting Centre is now closed indefinitely. Looks like the last campout was another good one. new 2/28/2007
Photos courtesy of Carolyn Harrington. Sorry it took so long to put on the web page.

Tom Heatley banded two baby Great Horned Owls out at Metro Beach Metropark on April 23'rd. It was a great experience. new 4/25/2006

Allen Chartier's account of a hybrid warbler captured and banded at Metro Beach Metropark on May 14'th. Allen has many detailed photos "in the hand" as well as several sound files (with sonograms) of the bird. Really fascinating stuff. new 6/6/2005

Photos from the 2005 Macomb Audubon Winter Campout at The Pinery, held on Easter Weekend. new 5/10/2005
Photos courtesy of Mike Goethe.

European Goldfinch Photos, courtesy of Fred Kaluza of Warren. new 2/9/2005

Photos from the 2004 Macomb Audubon Fall Campout at The Pinery, October 8'th through 10'th 2004. new 3/11/2005
Photos courtesy of Carolyn Harrington.

The MAS Peregrine Falcon Page has many more photos of the local Peregrine Falcon population. Click the link to take a look.

TWIN TALES: THE OWL IN THE BOX.added 1/25/2006
Story about a Great Horned Owlet.

Macomb County Checklist of Birds.added 1/25/2006
Brian McGee has sent us his brand new Macomb County Bird Checklist. This list is also available from the Macomb County Birding page.

Hummingbird Nest.added 6/5/2004
Photos of one hummingbird nest from construction onward. Twenty-four days from birth to first flight!

How the Barnacle Goose Got It's Name.added 4/3/2004
Back in the "Old Days" people were a little unclear on how animals reproduced. The Barnacle Goose got its' name from a misconception.

Starling Thievery: A Bird Story from Cyberspace
Birds sinking into a life of crime. I don't know what they had planned for the proceeds. Maybe a big suet binge.

Bird burglar's tale still flies, online
Here's a follow-up to the story, from on 11/28/2005, New 12/21/2005

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