Willow-tree branches drape low and sweeps,
The ground beneath her as she weeps.
Adorning the banks of a singing stream,
She's a part of Nature's summer dream.

Why does she weep and seem so sad?
Does life before her look that bad?
The song of the stream is cheery and bright,
Whip-poor-wills and owls serenade her, at night!

She answers in a tone that's mellow and sweet,
As her leaves, with stream's cool water, meet.
"I weep, not in deep sorrow or sadness,
But, am overcome with great JOY and GLADNESS!

JOY for the heavens above me, bright,
The golden sun, moon's silver light,
Cool stream beside the firm bank I stand,
Fields of flowers, a view that's grand!

GREAT GLADNESS for the raindrops, clear,
The pastel rainbow brings me, cheer,
Fresh breezes through a summer's-day-long,
Sparkling snow, the wild-bird's song!

BY: Judith M. Yerkey
FROM: "Celebration of Nature" 1990