Birds Better Heard than Seen on Pt. Huron SGA Field Trip

By Mike Mencotti

About two dozens birders enjoyed a most-beautiful day at the MAS field trip to Port Huron State Game Area on June 5. And the birds did not disappoint, provided you bought into the idea that sometimes warblers are meant to be heard and not seen.

We tallied 11 species of warblers, lending a feel of an endless migration to the June outing. Some did cooperate, as we were all treated to sun-on-our-back looks at Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers. Other highlights had to be multiple sightings of hummingbirds doing their U-shaped courtship dance, and a female Ruffed Grouse that decided to build a nest at the side of the trail. The award for Most Frustrating Bird was given to the Cerulean, which gave us a quick song or two late in the trip, and then zipped its beak not to be heard again.

Only a few lucky birders got a glimpse of Wild Turkeys as they scampered into the woods from an open field, but all of us were treated to great looks of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks along Shoefelt Road, and Indigo Buntings joined the Alder Flycatchers on other trails. The group ticked 70 species, not at all a bad way to wave goodbye to spring migration.