Permits for Pesticide Application

Below are several messages we've received on the subject of pesticide use in combating West Nile Virus. The information is presented pretty much as it was received.


Everyone, including citizens, must obtain a permit from MDEQ to apply pesticides for mosquito control to waters of the state, wetlands, catch basins - just about anywhere. Pesticides covered include the briquettes and Bti products many communities will be using for mosquito control as part of their West Nile Virus programs. There is no fee for the permit.

There will be a link to an on-line form available at this web site: The woman in charge of this permitting program is Sylvia Heaton. Her direct phone number is (517) 373-1320. Michigan's comprehensive West Nile Virus web site is located at There is (or will be shortly) a wealth of information there.

Jessica Pitelka Opfer
Executive Director
Clinton River Watershed Council


101 Main Street, Suite 100
Rochester, MI 48307
Phone: 248-601-0606
Fax: 248-601-1280


Hi Group,

I work all day in wetlands and I don't plan on getting too worried about this subject, but for anyone who has questions here is a very informative contacts list. I worry more about the thought of what all the chemicals being applied to our waterbodies will do to upset the balance of things. Since I work outdoors, mosquitos are just a way of life for me. However, the following appears to be the latest info on just about anything dealing with the virus and is a good resource. The website was provided in a previous email message but here it is again with the additional contact info:

Contact Information:

Michigan Department of Agriculture (Pesticide Regulation and Applicator Certification for those who need to have professional applicators apply the pesticides. This is different than the authorization to apply pesticides to waters of the state through MDEQ)

Animal Industry Division
(517) 373-1077
Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division
(517) 373-1087
After Hours: (517) 373-0440

Michigan Department of Community Health
This link takes you to the reporting of sick or dead birds or mammals)

Communicable Disease and Immunization (Epidemiology Information)
(517) 335-8165
Infectious Disease Laboratory Division
(517) 335-8067
West Nile Virus Hotline
(888) 668-0869

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
(Contact for getting authorization to put pesticides in waters of the state for control of mosquito larvae. This is different than getting applicators certified which is handled by MDA)

Water Division, Sylvia Heaton (WNV Contact Person)
(517) 373-1320
Waste and Hazardous Materials Division (Scrap Tire Regs)
(517) 373-4750

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
(The MDNR's role is developing the statewide west nile virus website. Agencies/Individuals should not forward dead or sick bird calls to MDNR; the state wide website has info on how, when, where and why to submit dead or sick birds for testing.)
Rose Lake Wildlife Disease Laboratory
(517) 373-9358

Michigan State University (MSU does the testing for mosquitoes to determine if populations in a given area are positive for west nile virus. These numbers may be helpful if testing for mosquitoes is necessary. However, an individual should work through the local County Health Department if testing for mosquitoes is desired )

Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health
(517) 353-5275
Department of Microbiology
(517) 355-6463
Department of Entomology
(517) 355-4665

Sara S. Bonnette, Field Biologist
Geological and Land Management Division
Saginaw Bay District Office
503 N. Euclid Ave., Suite 1
(989) 686-8025, Ext. 8365
FAX: (989) 686-0727


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