Great Horned Owl Banding at Metro Beach, April 23'rd 2006

On Sunday, April 23'rd, the Tom Heatley banded the two baby Great Horned Owls out at Metro Beach Metropark. Tom has been banding the owl families out at Metro since 1991. Their current home is in a metal tub set in the fork of a tree in the woods behind the Nature Center, visible from trail marker number 9. Both babies looked nice and healthy. Mom and Dad kept close while the banding took place, hooting their displeasure. Unlike some years they didn't attack anyone during the process.

Barb Baldinger led a Macomb Audubon field trip to Metro Beach and a large group of us were privileged to witness the banding from the trail. It was a truly awesome experience.

Banding one of the baby owls

Here's Tom banding the first baby owl.

We're tough owls! Stay away from us!

Here are the two baby Great Horned Owls mantling. They're trying to look as scary as possible, to scare away all the humans.

Climbing to the Nest

Here's Al Pukula returning the second baby owl to the nest.

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