River Bends Park and Holland Ponds

I'm not a particularly expert birder, but one place I enjoy birding is River Bends Park in Shelby Township. The park itself and particularly Holland Ponds are worth a leisurely visit. Springtime is the best time for this site.

Holland Ponds is on the west side of Ryan Road, north of 22 Mile Road. There is a small parking lot on the side of Ryan, and you walk into the park. It is a former superfund site which has been cleaned up and was given to Shelby Township in 2001. It is managed as part of Riverbends Park.

During early migration and late winter there are often ducks on the pond near the water treatment facility at the back of the park. Wood Ducks and many water loving birds breed in the wooded wetland areas near the path, and in migration warblers are fairly plentiful. There is a small heronry on the south side of Holland Ponds where Great Blue Herons raise their chicks. Bluebirds and Tree Swallows are common too, as are Kingfishers. Holland Ponds is not a spectacular spot, but it's easily accessible and worth a nice walk in the morning or early evening in spring.

River Bends Park is on the East side of Ryan Road, with an entrance where Hamlin Road meets Ryan. The area is primarily athletic fields and a shooting range, but there are quite a few Bluebird nest boxes which get Bluebirds and Tree Swallows in breeding season. During spring migration there are sometimes interesting birds in the trees near the road, and Burgess Shadbush Nature Center is an attractive modern log facility on the left as you enter the park.

River Bends Park

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Holland Ponds

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