Lake St. Clair Metropark (formerly Metro Beach)

Lake St. Clair Metropark is, of course, the best known birding site in Macomb County. Here's what to expect there.

Site Description: Lake St. Clair Metropark is a 750-acre peninsula that extends into Lake St. Clair. The park offers more than 7 miles of shoreline, 1,600 feet of boardwalk along the lake, and nature trails that explore a wetland in the park's interior. Trails have a wood chip base and are barrier free.

Wildlife Viewing: Lake St. Clair Metropark is excellent for watching birds. Birds that cross Lake St. Clair on their annual migrations use the park as a haven in which to rest and feed before continuing their journeys. During October, you may see tens of thousands of diving birds, including cormorants and loons, on a single day. In April and May you can view loons again as they migrate back north to their breeding grounds in northern Michigan and Canada. May also brings large numbers of warblers and other songbirds to the area. Least bitterns, whip-poor-wills and black-crowned night herons have been seen and heard on the nature trails through the wetlands. At the end of August, watch for large groups of monarch butterflies and hummingbirds migrating to Mexico for the winter. Occasionally snowy owls are seen here during winter.

Directions: From Detroit, take I-94 east to Exit 236. Turn right onto Metro Parkway (16 Mile Road) and follow it about 3 miles to the park entrance. There is an entrance fee for Lake St. Clair Metropark, as with all Metroparks.


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