There were five Board members in attendance at the meeting held at the Mrozes' home on June 2, 2007.

Frank Lautner reported that MAS has a bank balance of $7030.61, with expenses of $849.00 and income of $400.95 as of June 2nd. We discussed whether it would be less expensive to send the "Earthstar" via first class mail versus continuing with the bulk mail permit. After some quick figuring, it was decided that the latter method of mailing our newsletter would be the better deal at this time.

Andrea reported that Colleen Traylor expressed an interest in taking on the duties of Third Vice-President(Field Trips), but only if that is a job she shares with another person. Interested parties need to let Andrea or Mike know quickly!!

Current plans call for the planting of a serviceberry tree at Sterling Heights Nature Center during the September membership meeting, which is "Bonfire Night." As previously mentioned, this tree is particularly in memory of MAS members who have died, but we have altered the purpose a little by deciding to honor all members of our group.

We hope that some of you are considering volunteering to join the Board of Directors, where there are still vacancies in need of filling. Please contact Andrea or Mike Mroz if you can help. Also, if you have had any fund-raiser ideas, don't be shy about sharing those, too!!

Recording Secretary,
Laura Barbour