The March 10, 2007 meeting of the Macomb Audubon Society's Board of Directors took place at Andrea and Mike Mrozes' home. There were nine MAS members in attendance.

The Board voted to continue supporting Joe Rogers's Wildlife Recovery Association($100). In addition, the Board voted to donate $50 to the American Birding Association's Big Day. Neil Gilbert had spoken to MAS members at the March meeting regarding this event and his participation in it.

Treasurer Frank Lautner reported that the current balance is $7478.60, and that, since the beginning of 2007, expenses have been $1263.20 with income of $911.21.

We continue to need more members to offer to take on various MAS jobs. For example, with no Field Trip Coordinator the future of field trips is in jeopardy. Please, if you can find some time to help your Society provide enjoyable experiences for its members, let us know of your interest!!

Recording Secretary,
Laura Barbour