Our Garage Owl

I was on the verge of heading for bed and decided to take a bag of trash out to the garage. I opened the door, turned on the light and trotted over to the can. As I tossed the bag in and closed the lid I heard a flutter as something took off from the window ledge in back of the garbage can. I turned to see a smallish bird fly over to the top of the Mazda and perch. It was 11:00 at night, so what sort of bird do you think might have been active?

Eastern Screech Owl

Yep, it's an Eastern Screech Owl.

I immediately opened the back door so that the bird could get out. It must have flown into the garage just after sunset, before we closed up for the night. When we checked this morning the bird was gone and there was no whitewash on the car, so we hope it flew away soon after we turned off the lights and went back inside.

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