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2020 Field Trip Schedule

WHAT TO BRING: If the trip is scheduled to go beyond 11:00 a.m., bring a lunch. Binoculars are essential; scopes, field guides, insect repellant, layered clothing and waterproof footwear are suggested. Notice that even trips which don't have a set leader will still take place - we'll all pitch in and have a good trip anyhow.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Unless noted, all trips take place regardless of normal rain and snowy weather. However, trips will be canceled in extreme blizzard conditions.

1. Lake Erie Metropark Birding
January 18th (Saturday) 10:00 a.m.

Meet at the the Cove Point Picnic area parking lot at Lake Erie Metropark. According to the book, "A Birder's Guide to Michigan," by Alan Cartier, it's the place to go in winter to see eagles and waterfowl, so we thought we'd check it out.

2. Annual Bird Walk at Beaudette Park
February 15th (Saturday) 10:00 a.m.

Meet at 10:00 a.m. at the entrance to Beaudette Park, located at 786 Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac. This annual bird walk is always a blast and we get a great crowd! It could be the exceptional birding at this little jewel of a park, or the fact that we have lunch at China Jade afterward… either way- it’s a great day with birds, friends and delicious food- a win, win, win!

3. Kensington Metropark - Leaders: Colleen Traylor and Micki Special
March 21 (Saturday) 10:00am

Meet at Kensington Metropark in Milford, for a morning of feeding birds by hand. Bring your favorite bird seed mix and we’ll walk the trails around the Nature Center (here’s a tip – those birds LOVE their peanut splits). You will likely have chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and the occasional Downy Woodpecker eating out of your hand! It is so cool. Bring a lunch. We’ll meet and end at the Nature Center. Park entrance fee required ($10 daily fee, or $40 for annual Metroparks pass).

4. Early Spring Waterfowl and ... - Leaders: Ruth Glass and Joanna Pease
Mar. 28 (Saturday) 8:30am

Meet at 8:30am in the Osprey Trail parking lot at Stony Creek Metropark (click here for map). We will hike to the shore of Upper Stony Creek Lake and scan the open waters for migrating waterfowl. We will decide as a group – based on weather, lake ice cover, snow cover, trail conditions, and recent bird sightings – on a second park location to visit. Dress for windy, arctic conditions in case we decide to scope the main lake.

5. Holly Recreation Area (State Park) - Leaders: Colleen Traylor and Micki Special
March 21 (Saturday) 10:00am

Field trip coordinators, Micki and Colleen, were discussing field trip options, when Micki suggested a trip out to Colleen’s neck of the woods! Great idea, Micki! Let’s celebrate Earth Day together. Fighting for Earth Day is what started Colleen’s life as an activist. She was 17, and is now (very soon to be) 69. It’s a day that is very near and dear to her heart now more than ever (“Go Greta!” she says). For this field trip, meet at the Heron Lake parking lot. Be sure to bring your binoculars and/or camera, hydration, and a lunch. You could also bring a lawn chair, blanket, or small table if you wish! State Park pass or day pass is required if a ranger is on duty. It’s beautiful out there so come on out!

6. Early Warblers and Other Spring Migrants - Leaders: Ruth Glass and Joanna Pease
April 25 (Saturday) 8:30am

Meet at 8:30am at the west end (closest to lake) of the at Southdale parking lot (click here for map).. This used to be a premier regular stop for bird walks, but we had been avoiding the area once the zip line was installed, due to the homo sapiens disruption in the trees. With the zip line closed, we look forward to a long and ‘birdy’ walk up past Northdale, perhaps as far as Oakgrove. Early migrant target species include Pine and Black-throated Green Warblers, Blue-headed Vireo, and Red-headed Woodpecker.

n. 121st Christmas Bird Count - Leader: Brian McGee
Dec. 19 (Saturday)

For over a century, the National Audubon Society has collected data from volunteers throughout the country on early-winter bird populations. Saturday, December 19th will be the date of Macomb Audubon Society's 45th Christmas Bird Count. If you have never participated in this annual event, please think about volunteering to help count the birds in our area. Many of our Macomb Audubon members look forward to this special occasion to bird with friends and enjoy a hot soup/chili supper at the end of the day followed by a tally of all birds counted.

Sign up sheets will be available at the upcoming membership meetings. After signing up, you will be assigned to an area with other birders. Please offer to split the cost of gas among the participants in each car.

Area leaders will receive their packets at the December membership meeting. The tally supper will be held on the same evening of the count at 5 PM in the Nature Center at Stony Creek Metropark (click here for map). Please consider volunteering to bring a crock-pot of chili, soup, snack or dessert to the tally. Participants, remember to bring your own soup bowl and spoon.

If you wish to participate and are unable to attend the meetings please contact Brian McGee at

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