Macomb Audubon Society's participation in the 119th Annual Christmas Bird Count was held on December 15, 2018 with 40 people in the field and 3 at feeders. There was no snow on the ground, but cloudy conditions all day. The temperature ranged from 30 to 39. We recorded 69 species and 19,045 individual birds. Glaucous Gull and Turkey Vulture were seen on Count Day for the first time. For what seemed to most as a slow day, we set quite a few high counts: Bald Eagle 8, Belted Kingfisher 11, Red-bellied Woodpecker 105, Pileated Woodpecker 6, Blue Jay 461 and Hermit Thrush 5. A high count of 2 was tied for Barred Owl. The complete results can be found on our Macomb Audubon website or the National Audubon website: http://birds.audubon.org/christmas-bird-count. Go to Access Count Results (scroll down a bit), continue to Current Year then choose Results by Count and enter Western Macomb County, Count Code MIWM. Click enter and click the circle under the # sign.

If you would like to make a donation to the National Audubon Society to help support the maintaining of a master database of all Christmas Bird Count data as well as bird conservation efforts go to: http://www.christmasbirdcount.org

We would like to thank all of the citizen science participants for the time and effort you volunteer each year to make this count a success. Thank you to the people who set up the room and hot beverages, contributed soups, chili, snacks and desserts. We would also like Julie Champion, Karen Blake and the rest of the staff at Stony Creek Nature Center to know how much we appreciate them hosting the Tally. This year's count will be on Saturday, Dec. 14th. Please mark your calendar now and plan to help out.

Thanks again,
Barb Baldinger, Compiler
Tom Heatley, Co-compiler