Macomb Audubon 2004 Christmas Bird Count

Macomb Audubon Society's participation in the 105th Annual Christmas Bird Count was on Dec. 18, 2004 with 37 people in the field and another 5 at feeders. The weather was cloudy with snow in the afternoon. We managed to see 65 species plus three count week species, totaling 19,151 birds . We had four new high species counts: Mallard, Wild Turkey, American Robin and Dark Eyed Junco. There were four owl species. Long-eared Owl had not been seen on our Christmas count since 1976 and Barred Owl since 1993.

We would like to thank all of the participants and a big thank you to the ladies who came in early to make sure we had hot drinks and to set up the tally room. Thank you also to all of the people who contributed soups, chili and various snacks. And a great big thank you to Gordon Lonie for letting us use the Sterling Heights Nature Center once again for the tally. This year's count will be on Dec. 17, 2005. Please mark your calendar now.

Thanks again,
Tom Heatley, CBC Compiler
Barb Baldinger, Co-compiler